June 13, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: Fabolous- Infinite ft. Jay-Z

Songs with both Fabolous and Jay-Z on them are few and far between. Although they are arguably the best rappers to come out of Brooklyn, they rarely collab.  Infinite is a song that is much needed. It's a song about leaving a legacy, not only through music but through the way you live.  Jay-Z has been a mogul for years, but Fab has never quite reached that status.  It seems only right that Loso bigs up the big homie and gets him on a track like this.  Money goes, Honey Stay was a great song, but Infinite takes it a little deeper and discusses the ups and downs of the music industry and what effect it has on their lives.  Both of these artists can get real lyrical when they want and this seems like a track that they would.  Hopefully the two Brooklyn spitters collab sometime soon in the future.