June 06, 2014

Fantasy Song Friday: Troy Ave ft 50 Cent - New York Money

The new 50 meets the old 50 on a classic song for the streets.  We all know how braggadocios both Troy Ave and 50 Cent are, whether its pertaining money, cars, jewelry, or any other material possession.  The two collaborate to make a "get money" song with a New York feel to it.  Troy Ave is a avidly against New York rappers using the trap sound in their music, and he stays true on this one.  Despite the subtle beef between Troy Ave and 50 cent, they put their differences aside on New York Money and make good music for the people. Although we can only conjure up this song in our minds, we hope that both of these huge ego'd rappers can be smart enough to see that this song needs to happen for the city of New York and for the hip-hop game.