January 24, 2014

The Soiree: A Superego Ambassador Event

The Soiree is an event centered around Sustainability put on by Superego ambassador, Adem. The night offered free wine, free food and free clothing giveaways.
There was also a band that was playing music throughout the event.
There were about 150 wrist bands for those over 21 all of which ran out with a good portion of the event left. We purchased about 15 - 4 gallon bottles of wine from the liquor store- all of which ran out. Near the entrance of the venue there was a table with the Superego banner, 3 laptops with the Superego website pulled up and ticket raffling.
People who came into the venue were given a free ticket to enter a raffle for a chance to win a shirt. There were three Superego shirts, paper wallets and Rastaclat bracelets. However, we encouraged people to leave definitions on the site and if they did they were given 3 tickets instead of 1, to increase their chances of winning a free giveaway. Many students were receptive to this idea which is why we rallied about 47 definitions throughout the event. 
We had about 150 small cards that said shop Superego for a 20% discount use this code 7667. We had 6 or so models walking around the venue assuring that these cards were being distributed. Before the event started I went over a brief Superego presentation with main facts that the models would then teach to people who came to the event. A photographer was collecting pictures throughout the event.
However, he too was enjoying the event and only took pictures when I told him too. The event was highly successful in terms of definitions, which was the focal point. The event costed a total of about $1500 and was made possible through three funds on campus at Connecticut College: The Sustainability Fund, TedX and TheLook Magazine.
Written by Adem Abrhams