May 24, 2014

The Minimal Office

This is the MuffinMilk office. It looks simple, and it’s actually a bedroom, the bedroom that we hustle from. It all started in this room. The same room we poured screenprinting ink on our first t-shirt, the same room in which we held candid and heated discussions about marketing techniques and partnerships, and the same room in which we poured out our hearts into the brand to create MuffinMilk.Can you imagine how cramped the conditions were? We held meetings, printing sessions, photoshoots, and some love making sessions in this room (sometimes at the same time haha). We’ve grown tremendously with our dreams manifesting themselves each day, more and more. It’s been almost 6 full years.

It’s weird to see the table still there. It has stickers that we printed, we ordered, and even collected from all over the city. It is a staple in our brand, and aren’t you glad we shared it with you? It still looks fairly empty, but we don’t need much. We just need our hustle and our ambition to push us through. The less you have, the more creatively you think. Remember that. Plus, you have even less to lose. It becomes impossible to lose.

“They see I started with nothing but passion and then I blew
To the Roc, damn the tops a spectacular fucking view” – J. Cole, Visions of Home

-The MuffinMilk Crew