June 04, 2014

The Art Of Potted Plants

We can all pretty much agree that the dominant trend in design is sustainability and "going green." It was initially scoffed at, that is until huge companies realized small businesses were sprouting up around the idea, and customers were actually buying green products. Many customers even DEMANDED that retailers sell "green" products (hence why WHOLE FOODS is poppin'). Even the NBA had a Green Week and the Barclay's Center is getting a green roof

With all that's going on with these huge initiatives, it might be hard to realize that the atom of this green movement, the potted plant, is also getting revamped. Designers and their innovative design firms are taking on the challenge of make the potted plant modern and showed off these ideas at NYCxDesign. Check out some of the fly pieces below but make sure to keep them away from Wiz Khalifa (we're afraid he might smoke anything potted). 

a | space studio at WantedDesign

Plant-in City by Homemade at Sight Unseen OFFSITE


Assembled by Off Centre at BKLYN Designs




 Graphite collection by Farrah Sit at Sight Unseen OFFSITE


Third-Eye Vessel by Chen & Kai at Industry City/ Design


kelly behun | STUDIO at Sight Unseen OFFSITE


All photos by Dave Pinter