May 12, 2014

Weekly Dose of Art: "Gladiator Vs Lion" by Miguel Coimbra

When: 2000s

Where: Lyon, France

Welcome to the age of the gladiator: prisoners and captives of the Roman empire that were thrown into the ring to fight for survival, either against other vigorous men or the savagest of beasts. While many fought against their will, some of the fighters stepped into the arena by choice. Unfortunately, few ever pulled a Floyd Mayweather victory record. In fact, when they lost, their reward was death.

Miguel Coimbra depicts this battle from a low, bottom viewing angle, almost from the perspective of dying gladiator. Under the literal hand of the Roman emperor, the gladiator must face the king of the jungle who almost appears possessed with anger and doubles as a puppet for the statued ventriloquist.

As with any event involving an audience and adrenaline, the cheering crowd becomes a blur and the concentration obsesses over survival. Even though it might've been in fashion back then, the gladiator could do without the Kanye West skirt.