May 05, 2014

PaperFold: The Foldable Phone

Dear Smartphone world, if you can still remember what a book is, then you're familiar with its foldable format. Well now Human Media Lab at Queen’s University in Canada is using the format in an innovative way: on your smartphone.

PaperFold is shape-changing smartphone that allows users to fold open multiple electronic ink displays to create more screens as needed. Don't worry it's not another Nintendo DS. Rather, the phone's multiple displays can be folded together, detached and attached as needed. 

It can be folded into different configurations like a tablet, notebook, or even a fold-out map. Once folded, it recognizes the shape it's in and adjusts graphics automatically. When set up like a notebook, the bottom display becomes a keyboard as seen in image above. 

If it has been opened up to view a map, it would become a folded out map that spans all screens, and bending the screens into a convex globe would change the display into a Google Earth view.

See how it works in the video below: