May 02, 2014

The Fisk Takeover At Wesleyan

What does it mean to have Power? What does it mean to be a part of a system or community? Superego has it's roots with Wesleyan University and recently current students Shane Bernard, Noah Korman and Armani White teamed up with the Invisible Men Collective and Rebel Empire Productions to produce a re-enactment of the Fisk Takeover that took place at Wesleyan in February 21st, 1969 after classes were not cancelled after the death of Malcolm X. 

Wesleyan is known for its activism cultivated by the own initiative and gaul of its student body. Last year the students organized a race and inclusion forum with the Public Safety, President and Administration to address and challenge unfair treatment and the true nature of diversity on campus. This video reminds us that we all have the power as activists in our community to organize and demand change and get results as well as our role in preserving history and inspiring action through our craft.