April 18, 2014

Sports Preview: NBA Playoffs 2014

NBA Playoffs start Saturday!

If you haven't been following the NBA throughout the season we are here to prep you on the match-ups and some of things to expect in this years NBA Playoffs. Let's begin with the First Round Match-ups,

Round One:
#1 Indiana Pacers v #8 Atlanta Hawks 
#4 Chicago Bulls v #5 Washington Wizards
#3 Toronto Raptors v #6 Brooklyn Nets 
#2 Miami Heat v #7 Charlotte Bobcats 
#1 San Antonio Spurs v #8 Dallas Mavericks 
#4 Houston Rockets v #5 Portland trailblazers 
#3 Los Angeles Clippers v #6 Golden State Warriors 
#2 Oklahoma City Thunder v #7 Memphis Grizzlies 

For the first time in NBA history, the New York Knicks, Boston Celtics and Los Angeles Lakers do not advance to post season play. These NBA heavyweight franchises seemed to struggle this year and will be watching the rest of the season from the big screen. However, we have the Miami Heat who are looking to three-peat, while Kevin Durant, the scoring title holder of 2014, looks to bring the Championship trophy to Oklahoma City.  

Before we get into some teams to watch for, lets have a moment of silence and pay respect to those who have had their ankles broken this season and pray they will be in good health for the playoffs.

In the East, many believe that we will see a #1 Indiana Pacers v #2 Miami Heat matchup in a rematch of last years Eastern Conference Finals; but don’t sleep on Washington who has been playing well lately, remaining low on the radar. Brooklyn Nets also have a chance to make some noise in the playoff, with their veteran experience. 

In the West, there is a lot for grabs. Year in and year out, the West seems to be the conference of death. With so much talent in the West, it will be interesting to see who will make it to the NBA Finals to represent the Western Conference. Will The Thunder get their chance again? Will Doc Rivers and the Clippers stamp their name as Los Angeles’s franchise with a title, or will the Spurs go on to win yet another title entering the playoffs as the #1 seed? 

Who will be crowned the 2014 NBA National Champions when its all said and done?