April 11, 2014

Volkswagen XL1 gets 300 Miles to the Gallon

Thought you were smart in your smart car? The Volkswagen XL1 is banned in the US because it gets 300 miles to the gallon and that would be bad for business as usual.

The tank is only 2.6 gallons so that your fuel doesn't get old in the tank. If it had a 18 gallon tank like most cars in the US, you could go from one oil change to another without filling up gas.


Why keep this under wraps? The XL1 isn't even allowed to tour the American Showrooms because of preserving the status quo. Even the Jetta TDI, which is Made in America, is banned from its streets because of it's 85 mpg.

They want to keep you on the oil diet at 10x the rate of consumption necessary by lobbying to ban these cars for trivial reasons such as "crash tests" or "missing irrelevant parts" while their pockets get fat.

More sad is that because the market is being manipulated, there's no plans to even really push these out and manufacture them at scale. Instead they heaped on $60,000 of "exotic" design garbage for effect and are intentionally only making 2,000.

The things we could do if $4 could take us 300 miles!