April 10, 2014

STAYREAL Recycle Your Wardrobe

The Asian streetwear brand, STAYREAL which houses the clothing lines ROCKCOCO and CROXXBONES is helping you recycle your wardrobe and give to the less fortunate. They already know you want to grab some pieces from their new Winter Collection so they've teamed up with charitable organizations such as the Eden Social Welfare Foundation in Taiwan and the Salvation Army in Hong Kong to set up a conduit for your old wardrobe to make an impact while helping you stay fresh!

"In the past we all cherish the Earth to pass through the creation of environmental awareness, the first clothes donation program started, people want to gather more massive force, not only environmentally friendly materials but better for poor families to offer a effort!" [Translated from website]


So bring in up to three pieces from your old wardrobe to donate and earn up to $150HKD off on your purchase of the winter collection. Check out more pieces here.