April 08, 2014

Charge Up! Full Battery in 30 Seconds

Does your stomach drop when your phone hits the red? In our hyper-connected world, charging your phone is like the ticking time bomb in the back of your head every day. Will I run out of juice? Ever book it to save your phone as if you were trying to save the world, only to have to wait impatiently as your phone took it's sweet time to charge? 

StoreDot is changing the game, launching a new battery product in 2016 that will allow you to charge your phone within 30 seconds for only $30 and withstand thousands of charges. The prototype is already live and you can watch a Samsung Galaxy S4 being charged pretty instantaneously above. The designers still need to make it much smaller but they believe its achievable. 

StoreDot technology is different from the typical lithium-ion batteries and are based in biological semiconductors, natural organic compounds called peptides. Peptides are in human bodies and help us perform hormonal activities and signaling functions. Using new materials, they have created the next generation of batteries where one side acts as a Supercapacitator, very fast charging, while the other side allows for a slow discharge comparable to the Lithium electrode batteries we use today.