April 02, 2014

Melodyne: The Audio Photoshop

What do you do if you’re an amazing songwriter with a great ear for melodies but couldn’t hit a note for your life? Well, you either become Future and make people love your auto-tuned crooning or you take the more subtle route and use Melodyne to slightly tweak the pitch on your vocals. Melodyne, made by Celemony software, sounds like a prescription for your voice; it allows you to adjust individual notes and make them more in tune and on key. If auto-tune is like going for full-blown fake breasts, Melodyne is a carefully crafted breast lift. Below we have a list of artists who’ve passed their vocals under the knife without raising any red flags, except for when they perform live:

The Weeknd

While marijuana and mollies give The Weeknd that perfect high, Melodyne makes sure that his vocals are perfectly high as well.


It is clear every time that Drake has a live performance that his vocals have been getting the Melodyne treatment since Day 1.  



Frank Ocean

Frank Ocean has no shame and actually admitted he uses pitch correction on the song Novacaine. "Even when I'm fucking, Viagra popping, every single record autotuning. Zero emotion, muted emotion, pitch corrected, computed emotion, uh-huh"


Ty Dolla $ign

I think Ty Dolla is actually paranoid that someone will find out he hasn’t been using his real voice.


Rihanna & Chris Brown

Sometime after their muddled relationship, they both turned to melodyne and are heavily addicted now.