April 07, 2014

Weekly Dose of Art: “The Persistence of Memory” by Salvador Dalí

When: 1931

Where: Catalonia, Spain

If you’ve been a worldly citizen anytime in the past century then you’ve probably come across these melted clocks or at least heard the name Salvador Dalí. Hell, even Kanye mentions him in Mercy with “Now the whole party is melted like Dalí” This is him:

Now look at the painting at the top. If it feels like something you might see while ingesting LSD, good guess. It’s actually a representation of the “dream state.” In that context, how might you interpret time? When you dream, you probably have a hard time keeping track of time as well as you do in the awake state. Even if you’re dreaming of Rolexes or G-Shocks, time still appears elusive.

Dreams pace themselves on feeling, not our standard second-minute-hour principles. They can feel short or long or drawn out like you're experiencing Life After Death (shouts out to Biggie). This distortion of time is also literally portrayed by the placement of the ants on the red clocks as a “decaying of time” just as you would find maggots in a grave.

Let’s just hope our dreams don’t end up this desolate, but rather filled with all the luxuries you’d find in a French Montana video. "HAAAAANNNN"