April 01, 2014

Adidas Innovation Lab

In honor of the launch of their Springblade shoe in Korea, Adidas built what they call the Innovation Lab. Now this isn’t simply your chemistry lab from high school (aka where you used your Bunsen Burner to see which pens burned faster), but rather it’s a specially designed 3 piece gallery.

The first section allows the visitor to explore the Springblade features with their hands in an touchy feely interactive video presentation (even though we were secretly hoping for telekinesis).

The next section lets you try on the shoe and even run on a machine which points out the qualities of the Springblade. Just please make sure you tie your laces and don’t embarrass yourself.  

The final part is, of course, the goal of every brand experience, to get you to buy. The goal of the concept is to introduce the Springblade as “new technology” rather than just another sneaker. Whether it’s effective or not, just know this: Adidas spent 6 years developing the Innovation Lab. That’s SIX YEARS- in which one baby mama could give birth to 6 of your kids AND you could finish a master’s degree.