April 27, 2014

Batman’s Electric Bike

If you grew up like us, then your first bike was beat up with the training wheels lopsided so you were able to do wheelies that you weren’t supposed to. Those days are long gone. The bicycle industry has had a rebirth in recent years due to the potential of sustainable transportation.



Meet the Leaos Carbon Fiber Electric Bike aka the bike Batman would build if he was low on gas money. The bike has a durable frame, high powered battery, and an engine that can go up to 30 mph so you can catch up to the shorty in the Benz.




The handlebars come with a digital display, and a Supernova LED lighting system for those dark days. It even has an automatic gear shift system, making the ride convenient for the laziest of riders. In fact, it might make the Tour de France a bit more interesting to watch.