March 29, 2014

Art is Money

The influence of art is fairly overlooked. We’ll admit, as young kids we never saw the value of art class in school and never really appreciated that side of creativity. Probably because we are the children of immigrants, who always busted their asses at work and pushed us to excel in other subjects to make sure we were set for the future. Plus, what’s art to a bunch of natural born hustlers?

Getting to the money was always our thing, but as we got older we started to realize how powerful it really is. Art is money. It allows you to expand your mind and think of various ways to communicate one message (you welcome for the marketing lesson).

Also, have you ever interacted with people who aren’t often exposed to art? How bland and close minded they often are? We call these “textbook people” because the only solutions they can offer are those which have already been done before.

Art is everywhere. It’s hard to miss and even if you close your eyes to it, it will come back to haunt you. And, hopefully, make you a lot of money.

-The MuffinMilk Crew