March 18, 2014

The "I" of the Beholder

Education pioneer and Roeper School co-founder Annemarie Roeper explores the nature of identity and self in her book “I” of the Beholder. In it she put words to the vastness and mystery of our outer and inner world. In her book are the blueprints that resonate with Superego’s brand mission:

“We strive to carve out a place that is known, a place that we can manage, a place that is safe, a place that allows us to grow our unique Selves. This is nothing less than our struggle for psychic survival, a need for identity: tribal identity, national identity, group identity, a family identity, and finally, an individual identity.”

Annemarie Roeper's book is more than an exploration, it is a statement:

“Stop judging me, evaluating me, categorizing me. I am an enigma and will remain one.”