March 17, 2014

Planetarium on Your Wrist

Have you ever looked at your watch and wished you had the solar system there? Yeah, neither have we. But the watch gods at Van Cleef & Arpels thought you could use the upgrade with their Midnight Planétarium Poetic Complication


And don’t look to try to find the standard minute- hour configuration either. The six planets here rotate around the center sun in real time, meaning it’ll take Mercury only 88 days to make a full circle, and the standard year for Spaceship Earth. Each planet is also a gem stone, creating a full museum worthy exhibition right there on your timepiece. A total of 396 individual pieces go into making the the orbit flawless.


To get some outer space real estate on your wrist, you're looking at a watch you can mortgage: At $245,000, money does indeed make the world go round.  

Check out how the watch works: