March 17, 2014

Young Thug: The Next Lil Wayne

Fader TV does an interview with the new hip-hop sensation Young Thug, and man does he show some Lil Wayne mannerisms. When asked about Birdman he says "That n*gga like a real father" and "At the end of the day, you gone always wake up and love him". He also says, the only rapper he looks up to is Wayne, which is apparent as he clutches 2 stacked Styrofoam cups.  One thing that is apparent to me in this interview is how much this guy is scratching himself and fidgeting, which is a clear sign of drug use. He also calls his homies "babes" and "lovers" . Lil Wayne part 2 seems to have no filter at all.  Expect to see more of Young Thug since he just signed to Rich Gang, which is the new YMCMB label imprint.