November 05, 2015

10 Hip-Hop Fashion Trends that Will Never Go Away

10. Polo - The man on the horse is a favorite for many rappers.  Polo in hip-hop dates back to the Lo Life days, where the polo section of stores were ransacked and worn in the streets.  Later, Kanye showed rappers it was cool to wear polo in a preppy way; you don’t always have to thug it out.

“Yellow polo, polo slippers, white and yellow polo socks” - Gucci Mane in “Lemonade”

9. Gucci - Gucci is another staple in hip-hop that represents money.  Everyone knows that to even purchase a small gucci accessory you're going to need more than a hundred dollar bill.  The hip-hop community has a love affair with gucci belts, gucci scarves, book bags and more.

“When I die, bury me inside the Gucci store!”  - 2 Chainz in “Birthday Song”

8. Grills - Grills originated in the south and now have become relevant across the board.  Rappers love shining, and in a game where you put your money where your mouth is, grills reign supreme.

“Big money for the grill, so I’m never cheap talkin” - Lil Wayne in “Weezy’s Ambitionz”

7. Shades - Shades are like a Bane mask for rappers. The average rapper needs shades on an everyday basis; to block all the camera flash from the paparazzi, cover up reddened eyes from smoking pounds of kush, and of course to stunt on them haters. A rapper without shades is like a carwash without water. Shades are definitely here to stay.

“I’m clocking ya, versace shades watching ya” - Biggie in “One more Chance” Remix

6. Furs- Furs are flashy, rich, and elegant.  Since the 90’s, rappers wanting to live the boss life have been throwing on fur and showing everyone how much disregard they have for PETA.

“Fox, minks, gators thats necessary. Accessories, my closets a pet cemetary” - Cam’ron in “Down and Out”

5. Jerseys- Jerseys and sports attire have always been relevant in hip-hop, only thing that has changed is the size.  Year after year the jerseys went from baggy to appropriately fit.  Why won’t jerseys go away? Rappers love ballin.

“And I can’t even go to the grocery store, without some ones that’s clean and shirt with a team” - Kanye West in “All Falls Down”

4. Leather - Although rap may have a love-hate relationship with leather, it’s definitely here to stay.  Leather is a fashion trend in hip-hop that spans from run DMC and Puffy, to the likes of Big sean, Rick ross and Kanye (who “invented” leather jogging pants).  Although the homophobic rappers may say otherwise, leather is another staple in hip hop fashion that is here to stay.

“My leather long enough to keep a thick b*tch warm” - Rick Ross in “Live Fast, Die Young”

3. Gold Chains- Dougie Fresh made it cool to wear as many chains as you can without dislocating your neck.  2 chainz last album cover is simply two gold links.  And of course we can’t forget the ever so eloquent Trinidad James displaying his affection for Gold in his hit single “All Gold Everything”. To rap, Gold means rich; the more gold you have, the richer you are. Simple as that.


“AK clips, money clips, and gold chains” - Kendrick Lamar in “Ronald Reagan Era”

2. Versace- It’s safe to say that Pac brought the versace trend to the rap game, but very few remember this (in fact the newer generations would say Drake did). Nonetheless ever since, Versace has made appearances throughout the hip-hop community, and the recent surge has shown us just how much rappers love versace.



1. Bandanas - From Pac to Dipset all the way to Lil Wayne, bandanas have been a constant and relevant trend in hip-hop.  Although for the most part they are used to notify people of gang affiliation, the bandana has been used as a fashion statement in infinite ways.  We’ve seen it tied around heads and necks, we’ve seen dipset adorned in colorful bandana coats, and now bandana print on shirts and sweatpants are constantly being seen worn by many rap artists today.  I think it’s safe to say the bandana trend will not be put to rest anytime soon.

“Hoes screamin that Pac back, throwin westside bandana tied, ASAP Life, got a Pac tat” - ASAP Rocky in “PMW”