March 06, 2014

The Bitcoin Mystery Man: Satoshi Nakamoto

Bitcoin is the world's first digital currency. Totally existing in the world of computer code. You can now transfer and store an accepted form of exchange without paying bank fees and going through guys in suits. It's also a virtually untraceable transaction, making international exchange as easy as sending an email.


Due to its nature, Bitcoin was adopted by the "undernet", the wild west of the Internet where your browsing is untraceable so there are no rules. When the Feds finally shut down the Silk Road, catching the "dread pirate Roberts", one of the deep web's biggest market's trademark mascot, they seized $3.5 million in Bitcoin making the FBI the biggest stakeholder of Bitcoins in the world at the time. 

So how did this new world order come about? Legend has it that many developers worked with a mysterious "Satoshi Nakamoto" who only interacted through Bitcoin's encrypted email and messenger system. By being a part of the early development of Bitcoin, Andersen, a resident of Amherst, MA has made $800 to the penny on his Bitcoin holdings. He has since lost contact with Satoshi when he started talking to CIA.

No one knows who Satoshi Nakamoto really is for sure but reporters recently tracked down a man who changed his name to Dorian S. Nakamoto and worked on many classified projects with the US government in the 90's and early 2000's who fits the profile. Being the alleged visionary of engineer the new economy to allow a computer code to trump central banks apparently doesn't cause this man to jump up and down for attention or bask in his own glory. In fact, he is rather meticulously hibernating and hasn't spent any of his alleged Bitcoin holdings as well as denying his involvement even to his own family. This man is either in real deep or has legendary discipline; Perhaps both, but one thing is for sure... Bitcoin is now out of his hands.


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