February 27, 2014

Is Lebron Soft?

If you sign on to twitter or Instagram at any time during a heat game, you are bound to come across a plethora of Lebron James hate and slander. Amongst the common slander you may hear that he flops, he’s soft, he’s not clutch, and the list goes on.  Despite him arguably being the greatest player in the NBA at the moment, the slander never stops.

Most recently, Lebron broke his nose during a game against OKC; he grimaced and rolled around on the floor for what seemed like an eternity before being escorted off the court by a few teammates.  This raises the question is LBJ really soft?

If you look at the greats in the NBA you can bring up some instances that proved their toughness. Lebron has yet to prove this:

Michael Jordan's Flu Game.

Kobe Bryant playing with a broken finger.

Willis Reed playing after just recovering a serious thigh injury.

Paul Pierce not missing a game after being stabbed just weeks before the season (True Story!).

Allen Iverson playing with a broken body (not entirely true).

Is Lebron playing soft or smart?  Maybe the culture of basketball is shifting.  Maybe players want longer careers so they make smarter decisions during injuries? Or maybe Lebron is just soft. I think we can all agree that when you break your nose, all other limbs are still functional!!! But hey, maybe his teammates were there for moral support, I mean a nose break is a very traumatic experience. 

Before you say oh, “another Lebron hater” remember that talent and athleticism alone aren't what makes a great player; it is a players’ character and determination that makes him shine above the rest. I’m just saying, Lebron needs to show a little more bravery and strength if he wants to be put in the same category as Jordan, Kobe, and the other legends of basketball. Until then he’s the Drake of the NBA League.