February 26, 2014

State of Boston: GotBars? Cypher on Blue Hill Ave

In the heart of the Bean at the Got Sole 1981 boutique, a lifestyle staple on Blue Hill Ave,
Superego was a sponsor of the Got Bars? Cypher alongside EShimmyCombs, The Winner’s Circle, HitP Music Blog and Fronto King Life.
Headlining the cypher were up-and-comers recently highlighted by XXL on the Boston scene, Mr. Fritz and Catch Wreck, alongside Edward Spaulding, King Cassanova and Latrell James. DJ maddMiks set off the event on the turntables as each artist took their turn showcasing their flow, wordplay and style.
Mid-way through the cypher, HiFadility took over and started making live beats which broke the format and brought out the raw creativity in the rappers - who were starting to come off the top with the sounds forming in the background.

 Latrell James stood out as an artist who had a more musical side along with a unique style of delivery.

In the middle of the cypher, an unannounced rapper snatched the mic and killed it. Probably pre-meditated, but it still takes a lot of balls to show up at a rap cypher and steal the show. King Ambro was his name, and although relatively unknown for his body of work, he definitely left an impression and is someone to look out for.

Thanks again to the owner of Got Sole, Joel for hosting the event!