February 20, 2014

Dude! Where are my keys?

We have all done it. Hurrying to get in the house but we can’t figure out where we put our keys.  Doesn’t that fucking suck?

Well, now you can just use your finger and BOOM magic- your door is open. Well it really isn’t magic. The door uses your fingerprint to identify you as the resident. No keys necessary.  The lock can program up to 50 prints so that your baby, baby mama, and the whole crew can have access. Might as well program all 10 of your own, you know just in case you go play hockey and your fingers get in the way of a skate.

Only downside: if someone wants to get in your house, they’ll have to cut your finger off.  

These locks are available all over, even as close as Wal-Mart.