February 20, 2014

Taxes & Tokes

As we all know, it’s been over a month since Colorado (legally) started selling marijuana and as we all predicted, the green is bringing in more green. The tax revenue generated for just the month of January exceeded $1.2 million and is projected to reach $100 million for the state by the end of the year. As Juelz Santana would put it, the economy has found “what the game’s been missing.” The only people not so happy: Colorado drug dealers, as sales of dime bags have dropped by 150% (actually, we have no idea how much business they lost).

Here’s to hoping some of those taxes get funneled towards developing cannabis (hemp) sustainability projects, such as Superego. Maybe the check could even say “This grant was made possible by Mary Jane.”

Source: http://www.newsy.com/videos/demand-and-taxes-push-january-weed-sales-to-1m-in-colorado/