June 13, 2016

10 Eco-friendly Habits That Will Save You Money!



 Many people say that going green is too expensive and that living an eco-friendly life requires too much work.  This is far from true, there are many habits you can adopt in your life that can significantly improve your life and your environment.  In fact, many of these simple habits can even save you money!  Check out just a few eco-friendly habits below that are easy and can save you money.


1. Turn off Lights and Unplug electronics: Too often we are unaware of all the energy we are wasting with electronics and lights.  If you make a conscious effort to turn off lights you aren't using and unplug devices that aren't in use, you can save energy and money!


2. Using Cloth Diapers: Obviously this tip only applies to those with babies, but it's a habit that can save you a few hundred dollars every year!  Not only will you be eliminating waste, but you'll be making less trips to the store and saving money on repurchasing diapers!

3. Reuse Dishes and Containers: Paper/plastic plates and cups may be cheap and doing dishes may be work, but switching to reusable and washable containers can save you a bunch of money in the long run.  You'll also be eliminating another form of waste!

4. Bottle You're Own Water:  If you're someone that purchases bottle water often, you can save a bunch of money by purchasing a metal or glass container and refilling it.  You'll also be ridding the earth of some plastic bottle waste.

5. Turn off Running Water: Too often we turn on the faucet, the shower, etc. and leave water running unnecessarily.  Making a conscious effort to turn off the water when it's not in use will save you money in the long run and will also help save water.

6. Go Paperless: A lot of billers are making a big push for people to go paperless, some are even offering discounts to do so.  In this respect, switching to paperless billing will help you save money and paper; contact your different billers to see if you're eligible to to save money by going paperless.

7. Buy a Fuel Efficient Vehicle: Next time you go car shopping, consider buying a vehicle that is fuel efficient for HUGE savings in the future.  You can save hundreds or even thousands on gas by doing this!

8. Recycle Old Electronics: Do you have any old phones or tablets lying around at home?  Do a quick google search, there are some sites where you can recycle your old electronics (some will even give you cash for them!)

9. Line Dry Your Clothes: Clothes dryers are huge energy users in the average household.  By switching to line-drying, you can save a bunch off your bill over time.  In addition, line drying your clothing won't wear them out over time like dryers do.

10. Use Rechargeable Batteries: Batteries are not biodegradable and are therefore not environmentally friendly.  Try purchasing rechargable batteries to reduce your waste.  Although the initial purchase may be somewhat expensive, you'll save some money over time.