June 08, 2016

5 Hemp Clothing Items to Look Out For


 There's no doubt about it, hemp apparel is on the rise.  With the growing legality of hemp in America, more and more companies are looking to make hemp products.  We specialize in making the softest hemp shirts, but there are also tons of other hemp clothing items out there (some of which we might even add to our catalogue!)   Check out some hemp clothing items below that will surely gain popularity as time goes on!


1. Hemp Sunglasses- Hemp Eyewear had a successfully funded Kickstarter back in 2014 and are still selling their popular hemp sunglasses on their website.  Be on the lookout for more hemp sunglasses and eyewear in the future.

Photo from HempEyewear


2. Hemp Denim- Hemp Blue also had a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign last year.  They have an awesome collection of hemp denim pants and jackets.  Although not many brands are producing hemp denim now, be on the look out for more hemp denim products in the future.

Photo from Hemp Blue

3. Hemp Baseball Caps- Hemp is a very durable material, so its surprising why hemp hats are not very popular.  Either way, there are some brands that have released hemp hats and baseball caps.  Even New Era has done a limited edition hemp cap in the past.  Definitely be on the look out for more hemp baseball hat releases, maybe even from us!


4. Hemp Yoga pants/Joggers- Hemp yoga pants and joggers are popping up everywhere and are becoming more and more popular. A comfy pair of hemp pants should be in everyone's closet!

Photo by AllAboutTrees

5. Hemp Socks- No we're not talking about socks with a bunch of hemp plants on them, we're talking about socks actually made from hemp. Hemp is durable, breathable, and anti-microbial, so hemp socks are perfect for your feet! You can even get some at our shop!


hemp socks