May 26, 2016

Are Cell Phone Signals Killing Bees?


 Over the past few decades beekeepers around the world have witnessed a decline and disappearance of bees around the world.  Much speculation has gone into why this rapid decline of the bee population has been happening.  A recent study conducted in Lausanne, Switzerland has linked cell-phone usage to abnormal bee behavior.  The study has shown that when cell phones are in use near a hive, meaning when the phone is sending or recieving a call, bees act erratically.  Over 83 experiments have been conducted, and they have all shown that a cell signal not only confuses bees, but may even lead to death. 

When cell-phones were in call making mode, the signal causes bees to emit a heavy buzzing noise and signals them to leave the hive.  The cell frequency confuses the bees and causes them to fly erratically.  The results of this study has major implications since cell-phone usage has skyrocketed in the past few decades.  What do you think? Do you think its possible that cell phones are killing off bees?