July 10, 2019

12-Year-Old Fathia Abdullahi Creates Robotic Laundry Folder

 robotic t shirt folder


 We've seen a lot of impressive robotic creations as of late, but not many of them come from children! 12 Year-Old Fathia Abdullahi from Nigeria has created a robotic laundry folder.  Her invention, although only a prototype right now, can fold a t-shirt in only 3 seconds. She made the folder using pins, some beams, and EV3 brick. Fathia has plans of developing the robotic folder fully and selling it to the local market.  Fathia is a great example that you are never too young to innovate. Once you are faced with a problem and you know others may deal with the same problem, come up with an innovative plan on how to solve that problem.  It's easier said than done, but with focus and determination, anything can be accomplished. We look forward to seeing the final version of Fathia's design, watch below to see it in action!