May 16, 2016

7 Creative Ways to Reuse Soda Tabs



 So often do we throw away things on a daily basis without thinking of how we can reuse them.  Reusing and recycling are huge components to a sustainable lifestyle.  Today we explore the soda tab, a small thing that can be reused in many different ways after you're done chugging down your soda, beer, or other canned beverage.  Check out just a few creative ways to reuse them below.


1. Mesh a bunch together to make a unique lampshade
2. Who doesn't love some creative Christmas tree ornaments!
3. Some earrings perhaps?
4. Use as a cheap alternative to hang up art!
5. They could be a great tool in your closet!
6. How about a small coin purse?
7. Cross-link them for a neat keychain!