May 06, 2016

Tasty Cocoas: Chocolate with CBD Oil



 Superego attended Green Festival 2016 in NYC last month, where there were many different companies pushing a sustainable and eco-friendly agenda.  While many booths caught our eye, we were very focused on the hemp companies.  One in particular, Made by Hemphad an array of different hemp products.  They eventually sent us a care package of some hemp gifts, one of which was Tasty Cocoas.  This chocolate was a piece of Raspberry Milk Chocolate made with raw hemp oil (10MG CBD to be exact).  At first I was weary to try it, thinking it would taste strange; but after popping it in my mouth I was in awe.

The chocolate had so much flavor! Although it's infused with CBD oil, it is not overwhelmed by that taste.  The chocolate had a very rich and full taste and I recommend it to anyone looking to get a dose of CBD in a flavorful way.  If you're wondering what would be the benefit of eating CBD infused chocolate, read HERE to learn some of the benefits of CBD Oil.  The price point is the only negative thing about these chocolates, a container of 4 pieces will run you about $20. Either way it was a very delicious piece of chocolate, and I highly recommend it! Check it out HERE.