May 05, 2016

Meet the Future of Virtual Dining


 Have you ever had to eat something so unpleasant that you held your nose before ingesting it? The reason we do this is because our sense of smell has a lot to do with taste.  What if you could trick your brain (and all of its senses) to make it think you were eating something completely different?

Well with "virtual dining", a system is put in place that attempts to accomplish just that.  A virtual headset would show your brain the food it thinks it would be eating.  On top of that, applying the correct smell of what you're seeing would trick your nose. And lastly, the physical feel and texture of the food/drink would match the supposed food.  Would all of that create a true virtual dining experience? Time will tell.  In the meantime, check out this video below to see a beta version of a virtual dining system in action.