May 04, 2016

Electric Cars Could Cause Oil Crisis Within a Decade



 When it comes to car talk, now-a-days you can't have a conversation without hearing about electric cars. But of course this is a good thing; a world full of electric cars would be a dream come true for our planet.  Many people may think this vision is a far ways off, but if companies continue to develop newer and more advanced technology, this wave of electric cars could happen way sooner than we expect. 

If this did happen, there could be a huge oil crisis.  The demand of oil would plummet, and oil companies would be very upset.  This would be a huge problem for the companies, but a great problem for our environment; I don't think I need to tell you which one outweighs the other.  Check out the video below for a more detailed explanation of how this whole situation could play out. #StaySustained