November 20, 2019

10 of the Most Creative & Powerful Environmental Ads

 sea wonder


 We see advertisements all the time. In fact, now companies have more opportunities to advertise than they ever had in the past.  In addition to commercials and billboards, there are social media ads, youtube ads, website banners, and more.  Most of the time, ads can be annoying, especially when you see them a lot.  But the type of ads that people usually do like are ones that are creative, clever, or funny.  We like ads that are creative, powerful, and have an environmental message behind them.  So check out 10 of the most creative and powerful ads that are aimed to influence people to be more environmentally conscious below!


 electricity billboard

No need to light up the whole billboard to get this simple message across!


grenade soda ocean ad

Littering one soda can may be more dangerous than you think.


plastic sushi

This not-so-appetizing sushi should make you think twice about plastic pollution.


lungs of the earth

A not so pleasant look at what the "lungs of our earth" could look like if not taken care of.


wwf ad

WWF back at it with another clever one.


water pollution

A clever/powerful graphic on how catastrophic water pollution is.


plastic bag ad

This will make you think twice before asking for a plastic bag.


air pollution ad

Air pollution is like a smoking gun.


straw turtle ad

We are killing turtles with straws and it must stop.


bench ad

Similar to the first Ad we showed, use only what you need!